Let Grunt install your dependencies

I am currently working on a Single Page Application and use Grunt for build and task automation. Since new dependencies are added from time to time (either through npm or bower), we also have to make sure that these are present on the CI server.

I am not a huge fan of configuring the build in multiple places (build script, CI server, here and there), therefore I have created the following tasks which make use of the exec method.

// http://gruntjs.com/creating-tasks#why-doesn-t-my-asynchronous-task-complete
var executeCommand = function(command, callback) {      
  var exec = require('child_process').exec;

  exec(command, function(error, stdout, stderr) {

grunt.registerTask('install-npm-dependencies', function() {
  var done = this.async();
  executeCommand('npm install', done);

grunt.registerTask('install-bower-dependencies', function() {
  var done = this.async();
  executeCommand('bower install', done);

Afterwards your can add them your actual build task.

grunt.registerTask('continous-build', [