NETUG: Einführung in Machine Learning

Am 20.11. haben wir Steffen Forkmann mit einem Workshop zum Thema "Machine Learning" in Wuppertal zu Gast. „Maschinelles Lernen“ ist die Kunst Programme zu schreiben »

#nrwconf 2014: Wir sehen uns in Wuppertal!

Wenn die NRW Conf am 12.09. zum x-ten Male ihre Pforten öffnet werde ich mit einer Session zum Thema "ASP.NET vNext" von der Partie »

Atlassian Stash: Add Pull Request reviewers automatically

Though there are solutions to configure predefined Pull Request reviewers for a project in Stash, this might become handy for people without the permissions to configure »

AngularJS: Observe multiple variables with $watch()

If you want to observe a variable this can be done easily by using the $watch function. $scope.$watch('foo', function(value) { // will be triggered when »

ngRepeat without parent element

I'm working on an AngularJS-driven Single Page Application for a couple of months now and have to admit that it's a framework I really enjoy working »